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Additional Services

Romeo Shipping offers a range of additional services at compatible prices.
Our standing and reputation in the industry holds us in good stead to offer expert witness and due diligence advice, just as our recognised independence and transparency allows us to carry out valuations, surveys and technical reviews for insurance purposes or brokers.

With the most flexible airtime programme on the market, Romeo Shipping provides a pay-as-you-go competitively prices service, saving time, money and, as a one-contact operation, also saving on administration.
Added to our recognised training programmes, these complementary services bring extra value to all aspects of the operation, whatever size.
Catering/food supply

From caviar to foie gras, fruit and vegetables to kobe beef, we deliver the best selection of food and drinks. However, our strength is the variety of delicious Italian and Sicilian food. Always fresh, on time and in perfect condition.


Thanks to our experts in bunkering, Romeo Shipping provides a reliable fuelling service, offering high standard product with the best value for money all over Italy.


International trade is an enormous and complex industry, this is why you need an import/export partner just like us. Our highly organized staff will monitor and administer the distribution and reception of imported/exported goods, taking care of the necessary documents, in compliance with the current regulations.

Travel Agency/Tour operator

We excel at helping you get your Tailor-made vacation planned for exclusive guests of superyacht industry, also we have prepared a special package of services entirely dedicated both to the captains and the crew members free time.

Husbandry Agency

We offer fast and well-coordinated husbandry services in order to optimise all the operations.
Our team is up to date with the latest developments in terms of legislation and services.
Romeo Shipping offices will use their extensive network to assist you in working with the
best suppliers available in your portcall

These services include:

- Bunkering deliver coordination
- Cash to master
- Crew handling - meet & greet, hotel bookings, - Shore pass arrangements, etc.
- Crew welfare - doctor, dentist, mail, and prepaid telephone calling cards
- Launch coordination
- Spare parts coordination
- Communication assistance

Protective Agency

We offer protective agency both for shipowners and charterers/cargo owners to supervise the counterparty’s agent throughout the port call. As protective agents we ensure that your interests are well taken care of. This helps you avoid any conflict of interest that may arise with many stakeholders involved in a port call.

These services include:

- Local Knowledge
- Minimise cost
- Compliance
- Statement of facts
- 24/7 availability

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